Guerilla gardening part.1 (Choosing the location) (Video)

This is a sort of vlog, I am introducing my guerrilla garden for 2014, I will do a more in-depth follow up blog about the plot, drawing up plans and how to implement everything. Perhaps also try to implement some of my limited permaculture knowledge. Enjoy! -FrugalFinn

Choosing where to live frugally.

For the 2.5 first years of our marriage, me and my wife were living in student housing in our town, the rent is cheap (Yay for frugality!), but being student housing you will have to live among students which means a lot of noise and partying and increased crime. The quality of the houses were

FrugalFinns stock portfolio overview

My Stock portfolio: Here is a screen cap from where I hold my shares:     In total the portfolio performance is very flat, but that does not concern me too much since I am a dividend investor. Falling share prices is when I thrive, purchasing cheap shares and getting a nice yield. The


Hi there, Welcome to my blog. I’d like to introduce myself in this blog post so that you would know a little about myself, my background, what I am doing at the moment and what my plans for the future are. Background: I am 25 years old and my wife is 24, we both study